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The Listening Place – Mentoring

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South East
Area of Support
Date Posted
24 May 2021
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Organisation Description

At The Listening Place (TLP), those individuals can find a place with a warm and open listener who will give them time. TLP look to provide those who feel life is no longer worth living with a safe place to come and talk freely and confidentially to warm, non-judgmental volunteers who are willing to engage with their feelings and support them through their darkest times. There is an exciting opportunity to put together a mentor team for a young charity who supports individuals who, for whatever reason, feel like life is no longer worth living.

About the opportunity

We would be looking for 5 mentors to match one-to-one with their mentee; this mentoring relationship will look different in each ‘couple’. The specifics (i.e. frequency and format of meeting, work plans etc.) would be arranged between mentor and mentee but a commitment that seems suitable would be to undertake approximately 12 hours of mentorship over 3 months (likely in 1-2 hour sessions) in order to see benefit and make tangible progress.   We are looking for mentors who are able to offer support in some of the following areas:
  • • How to make meetings more productive and constructive - coping with Zoom fatigue and retaining information during and after long meetings
  • • How to increase confidence in public speaking
  • • How to manage the dynamics of a large team
  • • How to work through imposter syndrome
  • • How to improve communication skills, particularly in difficult/tough situations
  • • How to identify the skills and expertise needed to develop further to work more successfully
  • • How to increase management and leadership skills – particularly around operations and/or finance/accounts
  • • How to deliver change management and IT transformation
  • • How to better understand the governance standards the organisation needs to meet and that an executive level board would expect to see operations at
  • • How to secure funding from major donors and ultra-high net worth individuals
  • • How to deliver fundraising and marketing campaigns successfully