Association of Mental Health Providers

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Address: 18 Seel Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 4BE, United Kingdom

Telephone: 01517025555


PSS is a social enterprise that works across the UK. We have one key purpose: to help people get the most from life, whether this is at home, in their families, in their health and well-being or within their wider support networks.

As an organisation we developed some of the best known names in community support including Age Concern, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Legal Aid. Today our team is continuing our legacy of innovation. We sit alongside Local Government and NHS services plugging the gaps and providing ‘on the ground’ support for a wide array of people. Our aim is simple and has been at the heart of what we do for a long time: to make the lives of those we work with better. In the 21st century we have evolved this mission to highlight the importance of encouraging people to choose their own support ‘We recognise when people are in need and help them find new and practical ways to get the most out of life’. To make this a reality we provide a range of services which work across a wide spectrum of personal experience and need. This is no mean feat, our work reaches far and wide but across the organisation we give our time, push our innovation, plan our resources and recruit our teams to ensure our experience and our dedication is shaped around the individuals we support.

As our track record should tell you; we never give up on finding the right service for each individual we work with. If we don’t have a service currently to meet their needs, we develop one and that is why we’ve been around for nearly 100 years - because we don’t wait for someone else to find the solutions, we create them.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision describes where we want to get to and our plan, how we’re going to get there: By 2015, we will be influencing health, social care and community services both locally and nationally, through innovative approaches that make a real difference to people’s lives.  It’s our innovative approaches that set us apart. We don’t want to be just another service deliverer. We want to have an influence on society through what we do - just like we did in PSS’ early days.

Our values were written by PSS people who work on the ground with the people using our services each day. They summarise what we promise from our services but also the type of people we want working for and with us. Therefore we use values based recruitment and measure our achievements against them.

  • We understand need and find a way to help
  • We will earn people’s trust
  • We recognise potential
  • We encourage independence and choice
  • We’re brave enough to take risks
  • We try to get even better at what we do

What we do

We deliver a wide array of services across the United Kingdom. These services fit into four key areas of work; creating homes, empowering communities, promoting wellbeing and strengthening families. We support people in every area of their life whether it be finding somewhere to live, meeting new people who have been through a similar life experience, improving their health or ensuring their family are supported and strong. We believe that every person, no matter what challenges face them should be supported to live their lives to the full.

Creating Homes: The most important part of anyone’s life is having a happy home to live in. For that reason a whole area of our work is committed to making people’s home-lives as comfortable as possible. Our services in this area are designed for people with learning or physical disabilities and/or mental health problems.

Empowering Communities: We offer a range of services that support individuals with specialist needs to develop networks of support within their own communities. These needs can include a learning and/or physical disability or mental health issues, support needs specific to their cultural background or vulnerabilities that are the consequence of past life experiences, for example those at risk of, or with a history of offending. All of our ‘empowering communities’ services are designed to improve the quality of life for each individual, helping them to build relationships, have new experiences and be as independent as possible.

Promoting Wellbeing: Our wellbeing services are delivered across the North West and Yorkshire regions of England. Some of these services are focused specifically on mental health and wellbeing and others the broader spectrum of wellbeing including physical health. In 2012 we were awarded, with a team of partners, a national pilot for a project focused on introducing assistive technologies into the homes of vulnerable people in Liverpool. The area of wellbeing has been our largest area of growth over recent years and our team has expanded substantially. Today it is made up of psycho-therapists, counsellors, senior practitioners in mental health, personal trainers, nutritionists and community health specialists.

Strengthening Families: Each year we work with thousands of people and every one of them has their own hopes and dreams for the future. Looking ahead is very important for one of our teams in particular; those who work with our children, young people and their families. Our children and family services support people from many different walks of life; people with loved ones in prison, children and young people who are caring for a parent or sibling, teenagers who are leaving the formal care system and youngsters who have experienced trauma. Our work in this area has one aim; to help people strengthen ties as a family, enabling them to not only look after each other but to look after themselves as well.

Our Commitment to Quality

We have a shared view of what quality is across PSS. Ask our teams and you’ll be told “it’s what I’d want”, “I’d want it for my mum”, “it’s in everything we do” or ”it’s making a better life for people”. Our teams are incredibly proud of the services we offer and every member of our team is committed to providing high quality. To us quality is about people having a good experience of support; of us providing services that are safe; and providing services that are effective i.e. have a real impact on people’s lives.