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The Clubhouse model of support

Promoting and developing the Clubhouse model of mental health support.

Mosaic Clubhouse in Lambeth is building on the recognition its model of support has received, by developing a plan to grow more clubhouses in the UK. Having recently secured awards and widespread media coverage, the Board of Trustees at Mosaic Clubhouse now feels the time is right to share the successes of the model and support other communities to achieve the benefits of fully co-produced and delivered, socially-inclusive, cost-effective mental health recovery.

While there are over 300 clubhouses worldwide, there are very few currently in the UK. Mosaic Clubhouse believes the current mental health commissioning environment, which has emphasis on co-production, cost efficiency and partnership working, is perfect for the model to thrive.

Over the next year, Mosaic Clubhouse is developing a growth strategy, marketing and funding plan with the aim of spreading the word about the positive impact of clubhouses, while also helping organisations to set up other clubhouses and creating a ‘manual’ for those who wish to develop their own.

All clubhouses are deliberately understaffed and staff act as talent scouts harnessing the skills and talents of members to ensure that the work necessary to run the service is carried out ‘side by side’. Whether it’s running reception, the café or typing board minutes, members are equal partners and as such are involved in all decision making and governance.

The model also has transitional employment partnerships, where clubhouse staff work alongside a member in an external work setting, training and supporting the member until that person feels ready and able to continue with lesser support. Each job lasts 6-9 months during which time people are preparing to move on to their next employment step. Mosaic achieves outstanding vocational outcomes.

An information service, a social programme and an evening sanctuary are all part of the Mosaic offering.

If you are interested in a new clubhouse for your area, or if you’d like more information about Mosaic’s development project, please visit and contact Euan Barr, Business Development Director at