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The Clubhouse

In March, Carey had the chance to visit the award-winning Mosaic Clubhouse in Lambeth. The Clubhouse is one of over 300 clubhouse projects worldwide, but the only one of its kind in the UK, and one of only eleven in Europe offering training on the clubhouse model of rehabilitation, which is established around 36 recovery standards.

Mosaic Clubhouse is a membership organisation, although it offers advice and guidance to any Lambeth resident with a mental health concern. The Clubhouse is commissioned as part of the Lambeth Primary Care Alliance, and consists of 3 work units that reflect the working day. The Clubhouse is a model of co-delivery, and all members are actively involved in all decision-making and governance. Members work in the core service areas of the Clubhouse – Business & Administration, Employment & Education, Café & Maintenance, and the Information Hub. Within the Clubhouse, members contribute to the service area of their choice, with twice daily planning meetings establishing and allocating the tasks for the day. The Clubhouse is “deliberately understaffed”, so the work members contribute daily is real and necessary to the organisation.

Outside of the Clubhouse building, the Employment Partnerships work with local employers to identify jobs that can be offered to members taking their next step. The model of employment support is transitional employment. Clubhouse staff work alongside a member in an external work setting, training and supporting the member until that person feels ready and able to continue with lesser support. Each job lasts 6-9 months and people move on to their next employment step.

In addition to the service settings, the Mosaic Clubhouse also offers a non-clinical alternative to A&E hospital admissions for people in crises, who need a calm supportive space to come to when they are at their most vulnerable. The Evening Sanctuary is a safe space in the café area that is delivered in partnership with other local organisations. Operating 5 nights a week, The Sanctuary is an 18+ referral only provision, where people are supported by staff who include peer members of the Clubhouse.

Mosaic Clubhouse is a real live recovery focused, asset based practice, which enables members to develop their skills, take responsibility for the co-running of the service, and be connected.

For more information on the Mosaic Clubhouse, contact Maresa Ness. You can read more about Clubhouse International here.