Association of Mental Health Providers

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Address: 2 Witan Way, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 6FH

Telephone: 0333 012 4307


Our vision

Our vision is to transform the lives of people with a disability or mental health condition by providing the best quality housing, support and employment services. We do this to enable them to live the lives they choose, achieve their personal goals, feel valued and know their voices are heard. Together, we transform lives.

Our strategy

Our strategic plan for 2017-20 is available on our website: It sets out our plans for the next three years. It is focused around five key areas:

  • Excellent services – delivering the best possible services to our customers, meeting or exceeding their expectations and becoming the provider of choice
  • Workfroce excellence – having a professional, stable and motivated workforce that has the knowledge, skills and commitment to deliver excellent customer service
  • Engaged customers – working with our customers to ensure they have a meaningful say in the design and delivery of our services and have their voices heard on issues that matter to them
  • Sustainable growth – consistently grow, improving and expansding the services we provde so that we can transform more lives
  • Financially sounds – generating sufficient income, delivering value for money as well as positive social value and securing long-term financial viability to support our ambitious plans.

Our Values    

We believe that how we do what we do is as important as what we do. That is why we care so much about our PRIDE values: Partnership, Respect, Innovation, Drive and Efficiency. They drive everything we do and how we behave and as you can see below they make sure we focus everything we do on getting the best result and outcome we possibly can for our customers.

Our Services

We provide a range of services for people with disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health conditions, and age related needs. Our services are tailored around an individual's needs and aspirations.


We believe that everyone has the right to a safe and happy home. That's why we provide a range of housing options. From shared homes to shared ownership, supported living to state of the art developments, we have expertise in providing high quality homes that meet our customers' individual needs and aspirations.

Support Services

Our support is flexible, and tailored to individual needs and aspirations. From support in a customers’ home or community, to round the clock care, specialist support to short-term and respite care, our dedicated team delivers effective and compassionate support in the way that is right for our customers.

Employment Services

We work with people with disabilities, learning difficulties or mental health conditions to get the skills they need to get and keep a job. We do this by working with people referred to us to help build their confidence and the skills they need to get them into a job. We work with employers and potential employers to identify opportunities to gain valuable paid work experience for our customers.

To learn more and get the latest information about our growing services please go to our website: