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The Listening Place

The Listening Place provides ongoing, face-to-face, 100% confidential support for people who are feeling suicidal. We now accept an average of 350 referrals every month from 122 partner organizations including major London Hospitals. the British Transport Police and the British Red Cross. We accept referrals across the South East and from every London borough.

We are now open across two sites delivering almost 100 appointments every day. All support is delivered by well trained volunteers and continues for as long as the individual needs.
Our only stipulation for referral is that the individuals feels suicidal. This can vary from very mild suicidal ideation to someone who has recently made an attempt. We offer individuals an initial set of 6 appointments at which point we review and continue depending on the preference of the individual. On average individuals spend 4 months being supported by TLP but some visitors remain with us for a year or more.

We measure the impact of everything we do using the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale. We set baseline measures at initial assessment and review after every six sessions. Our latest evaluation which was supervised by Sarah Davidson (Head of Psychosocial at British Red Cross) showed that the majority of visitors experienced highly significant reductions in how suicidal they feel and highly significant increases in feelings of support.