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Hammersley Homes

Hammersley Homes is a charity that aims to provide permanent supported homes for life, for vulnerable adults who suffer from enduring mental illnesses. There are plenty of temporary housing options available to this vulnerable sector, and we know they work - their residents are supported 24/7 for the time they are there; but all aim for recovery, reintegration into the community and a return to independent living, and little research has been done into the long-term effectiveness of these temporary housing options. All too often, for a variety of reasons, residents stop taking their medication when they leave, and the spiral of psychosis, paranoia and delusional behaviour begins again, frequently resulting in return visits to mental health wards, getting into trouble with the police and even custodial sentences. We want to put end this cycle through the provision of support for life - enriching lives through kindness, compassion and companionship, and a sense of purpose.

We are currently a Board of 5 Trustees, soon to be 8 - backed by a team of about 20 volunteers - no one is paid. We don't have a paid CEO yet, although we would certainly like one, and our successful fundraising campaigns are getting us closer to the point when we'll be able to afford to hire someone. For now, we are doing all the work ourselves.