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Somewhere House Somerset

"Our belief is that everyone has the right to change and develop; we believe this is possible in the right environment and with the right support..." Somewhere House is a residential rehabilitation centre for those seeking help with their addiction. We are monitored by the CQC for quality of care. We provide treatment and support for individuals who wish to make changes to their lives. How we do this is? Through group therapy, one to one counselling sessions, recovery studies and also lots of fun group activities which help to re establish structure, routine and self belief. Every one who comes into Somewhere House is treated as an individual and care plans are written by the client, allowing them to construct a path of recovery that works for them. We offer support with life skills, e.g cooking, cleaning, education and managing money. We will help every individual to work towards their own recovery goals but are aware of the importance of having someone there to listen to them and support.