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Asian Family Counselling Service - AFCS

AFCS provides culturally sensitive counselling and support for marital, family and individual problems of Asian families, by trained counsellors. The counselling takes the form of one to one counselling, couple counselling and family counselling. This service is provided in the clients own language as well as English. It provides a holistic service to its clients and deals with clients who have multiple and complex needs. All counselling and support is delivered in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. The service is delivered in Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi/Gujarati.

The type of issues commonly dealt with by AFCS are: marital problems, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal feelings, domestic violence, abandoned spouses, arranged and forced marriages, emotional abuse, post natal depression, self harm, generation and cultural gap, mixed marriages, conciliation & mediation, adultery, premarital counselling, incest and sexual abuse, financial problems, managing debts, bereavement, supervised and supported contact, refugees and asylum seekers, and personality clashes.
AFCS supports members of the Asian community, from the Indian sub-continent, above the age of 16. As mentioned above, many of our clients suffer from a range of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, personality disorders, bi-polar disorder, self harm to name a few. Some of them are refugees and asylum seekers, are very vulnerable, and do not speak much English.