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Digital Inclusion in Mental Health – A Guide to Help Increase Choice and Improve Access to Digital Mental Health Services

This guide aims to help mental health service providers ensure all individuals in need of mental health services have choice in the care they receive, and nobody is excluded due to a lack of digital access, confidence or skills.

In the wake of COVID-19, the use of remote or digital mental health services was accelerated or adopted to ensure individuals who need services could continue to access support.

While this rapid, nationwide adoption has highlighted the many benefits of digital, it has also revealed areas of operational and clinical processes that can contribute to individuals being excluded from accessing digital services.

This guide aims to increase digital inclusivity within mental health provider organisations. By working through the guide, service leads and organisation boards will be able to evaluate where they are now in terms of digital inclusivity, and what they need to do next. It sets out practical steps for improvement and includes case studies from across providers in England, reflections from individuals who access services of their experiences and challenges, and tips for addressing these challenges.

Developed by the Association of Mental Health Providers and the Mental Health Network’s Digital Mental Health Forum, the guide is also informed by individuals who access or provide services from across the statutory, voluntary, and independent mental health sector.