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Community-Based Mental Health Services – Promoting Rights and Recovery Globally

Association of Mental Health Providers is delighted to bring together 6 organisations from across the globe to discuss their provision of community based mental health services. The webinar will provide an opportunity for attendees to hear about the range of delivery models in different countries.

All of the speakers represent organisations featured in the 2021 World Health Organisation good practice guidance document, due to be published on 10 June:

“The WHO guidance and technical packages showcase good practice mental health services from countries around the world that promote person-centered care that respects people’s human rights. They describe services that do not use coercion, that respect people’s legal capacity and informed consent, and that promote participation and community inclusion. Recommendations and action steps are also presented to guide and inspire policy makers, health care planners, service providers and others to develop and invest in human rights oriented services that are responsive to people’s needs and effectively support them in their recovery journey.” World Health Organisation

We have selected a number of speakers to demonstrate a variety of innovative services that exist and the impact that they have. The event will be of interest to stakeholders who wish to develop or transform community based mental health services.