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Insight: trading and employment settings

As detailed here, we’ve recently published research on businesses being carried out by not-for-profits where the workforce is made up in whole or in part of people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health. This research involved an indepth look at six particular organisations.

Our work on that research alongside the Centre for Charity Effectiveness highlighted to us there are a relatively small number of organisations in the mental health sector who would fall into category. However, we did find that there are organisations with wider social objectives, supporting people with mental health needs alongside people with other challenges. To help the mental health sector explore what’s possible it feels important to condider how these latter organisations are also operating.

To help provide futher insight into the kind of settings and types of businesses being run, we’ve given a headline overview of each contributing organisation below. There are also links to their websites below to explore these organisations and businesses further.


Better Pathways

Choice Support

Community Wood Recycling

Grace Enterprises

Growing Well

Oakleaf Enterprise