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Matt Hancock’s Vision for Prevention

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has outlined his vision for the future health and care system with his vision document – Prevention is better than cure – setting out how new technology, workplace strategies and the power of local communities can be used to support people with health issues and prevent worsening health.

The vision sets out a new approach to:

  • keeping people healthy, happy and treating their health problems quickly
  • empowering people to manage their own physical and mental health needs closer to home with the support of professionals in the community
  • delivering care in the right place, in settings that suit them and their needs

Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health, has said:

“Making this shift in favour of prevention requires additional funding and more staff in community services. That’s where the NHS Long Term Plan and the additional £20.5bn a year by the end of 2023-24 comes into play.  We expect this additional funding to support health and social care services to prioritise prevention; with a greater focus on community care, mental health, and primary care… Prevention is not only better than cure, it’s our best hope to create a happier, healthier, more independent future – help me bring that future into the present.”

Kathy Roberts, CEO of Association of Mental Health Providers, commented:

“We wholeheartedly agree with the Secretary of State that there needs to be a greater emphasis on prevention, especially of the development or worsening of mental health, which is necessary for practice development and improving the lives of individuals with mental illness and welcome the additional funding, with a focus on community mental health care. Considering the wider determinants on a person’s mental health, such as employment, housing/accommodation, and good access to appropriate health and social care services, it is important that policies in these areas do not place a person’s mental health at risk.

“We would emphasise that the Vision should not solely be seen through the lens of the NHS or Local Authorities – there is a good understanding of prevention in the voluntary and community sector, and The Association will continue to promote the impact and value of service provision that takes into account whole person care and support. We also believe that it is vital for there to be collaboration between Government departments and for these to take ownership of the non-health policies, which impact a person’s mental health.”