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Message from our Chair – World Mental Health Day

This year’s World Mental Health Day focuses on mental health in the workplace. We know that work is good for our mental health and that negative work environments can have a detrimental effect on our mental and physical health. It’s in everyone’s interest to use this World Mental Health Day to reflect on what else we can do as individuals to improve mental health in our workplaces. Even small improvements can make a real difference to the people we work with. So, on Tuesday 10 October why not tell someone you work with how much you value them and how much of a difference they make. We can also recognise peoples’ strengths rather than weaknesses, and thank them when they do that little bit extra. These are small actions that can have a big impact. 

We can also make a difference as a group of mental health providers by challenging the stigma that assumes people with mental health needs can’t work or contribute to successful organisations. We need to continue to argue that support to work must be an integral part of all mental health treatment care and support. 

We need to ensure that occupational health programmes cover mental health as well as physical health, and share the economic case for employers to develop mentally healthy workplaces so they realise that it’s not just right for staff, it makes sense for their businesses. 

I would also like to take World Mental Health Day to recognise the work The Association’s members deliver to help individuals get work and stay in work, and in doing so help them reach their potential and lead fulfilling lives. 

-Steve Shrubb, Chair, Association of Mental Health Providers