Association of Mental Health Providers

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Pledge to support the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health

We understand that a prevention-focused approach to improving the public’s mental health is shown to make a valuable contribution to achieving a fairer and more equitable society. As one of the initial signatories of the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health Consensus Statement and as the leading representative body for voluntary and community sector mental health service providers, Association of Mental Health Providers makes the following commitments:

  • To work collaboratively across organisational boundaries and disciplines to secure place-based improvements that are tailored to local needs and assets;
  • To support service providers, the voluntary and community sector, local authorities, policymakers, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, and employers to adopt the Prevention Concordat and its approach.

We will ensure that we regularly promote public health and prevention amongst our members, Associates, and partners, and highlight the VCSE sector’s role in the delivery of services to support primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. We will champion public health and prevention as part of our work in the Health and Wellbeing Alliance, and by developing the Mental Health Champions Programme further to prevent inequalities.