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Request for Information: Impact of Brexit on VCSE sector

As members of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance, The Association recently attended a webinar delivered by Office for Civil Society to discuss the impact of Brexit on the voluntary and community sector. Please send responses to the following questions to Dania:

  • Funding: how important is EU funding to DH Alliance members; if there was to be a successor funding programme, what should we do differently to make sure it offers the best opportunities for VCSE organisations to make an impact; and what evidence do we have of the impact VCSE organisations have made as a result of accessing EU funding?
  • Immigration: can you help us to fill data gaps including the number of EU nationals who are employed in health and social care; which specific skills in health and social care are filled by EU workers? What evidence is available; what are the top asks of Alliance members for a future EU immigration system and why? Including consideration of transition period, process and content (e.g. visa types etc.); and specifically, what steps could be taken to help build the domestic labour market for VCSE organisations e.g. use of incentives for VCSEs employers, improved education and training opportunities, better use of the apprenticeship system?