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Response to New Mental Health Act Figures

Figures published by NHS Digital today show an increase in detentions of 2% under the Mental Health Act from last year with known rates of detention for the ‘Black or Black British’ group being over four times those of the White group.

Kathy Roberts, Chief Executive of The Association, commented:

“The latest figures show yet another rise in detentions under the Mental Health Act and a stark disparity between ethnic groups, especially between Black and White population groups with Black/Black British groups being disproportionately affected by MHA detainment and being on Community Treatment Orders. Whilst it is maintained that the Act can be life-saving and an aid to recovery, it is still traumatic and confusing with the most vulnerable detained against their will. 

“The recent Review undertaken by Professor Sir Simon Wessley showed that the Act is out of date and there is an urgent need to align it with the modern health system so mental health support can be offered in an environment that is helpful and can work better for everyone. It is essential that the White Paper that has long been promised is published by the end of the year and, ahead of the expected election, commitments from all political parties are made to implement the recommendations from the Review.”