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Response to PM’s Announcement of Mental Health Act Review

Responding to the announcement of the Mental Health Act review and the appointment of Simon Wessely to undertake it, Kathy Roberts, Chief Executive of Association of Mental Health Providers said:

Last year, the Prime Minister vowed to tackle the ‘burning injustice’ related to mental health services and today, we welcome the commitment to review the existing mental health legislation led by Sir Wessely. Although this legislation has served to ensure that when vital support is provided to vulnerable people suffering from mental ill-health in need of help, the legislation can prove to be traumatic in some incidences and is known to be used disproportionately. We hope that the Review is comprehensive and involves not just statutory bodies but also, the voluntary and community sector and those with lived experiences. We know that support is available in local communities for people with serious mental health needs but with resources for community services often stretched, it is essential that all mental health services are funded appropriately alongside this review. 


For more information, please contact Dania Hanif, Policy and Communications Lead, on or call 020 7766 7496

[1] PM Announces Review of Mental Health Act, Conservative Party Conference, October 2017