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Trading and enterprise models … cartoon style.

In the final year of our sector partner role to the Enterprise Development Programme, one of the important priorities is to communicate the learning we’ve observed related to trading and enterprise within the mental health sector. Working with over 50 organisations through the Mental Health cohort has provided insight into the variety of trading activities being undertaken, and also importantly how they support the organisation’s mission – you can read more about our efforts to conceptualise this through the Trading Triangle framework. (It’s worth having a quick watch / read before looking at the below)

We’re keen to explore different ways to share different stories of trading and enterprise particularly with the hope of sparking interest and inspiring those with limited experience. ENTER TRADING AND ENTERPRISE CARTOONS. So not a traditional cartoon, but we’re hoping that the combination of succinct text with imagery following our WHAT, HOW & WHY structure can give readers fun and accessible insight. We’re also hoping that the consistent format will help readers to compare and contrast different trading models, and how they might apply to their plans.

You can see our first four of the series below – WE WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK FROM VCSEs, FUNDERS, & COMMISSIONERS to help us improve any future trading and enterprise stories we produce. Please complete the 2 minute form at the bottom of the page and be entered into a £100 prize draw.