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World Mental Health Day 2016

Today is World Mental Health Day – a global initiative, held annually on this date since 1992, for mental health education, awareness and advocacy. It is observed each year by thousands of supporters worldwide – individuals, organisations and countries – who through an awareness programme of events and activities bring attention to mental health problems and its effects on people’s lives.

Every year the theme for the day changes, with the theme for 2016 being ‘Dignity in Mental Health – Psychological and Mental Health First Aid for All’. The focus on this theme will enable organisations like ours and yours to contribute to the goal of taking mental health out of the shadows and embed confidence in people to tackle stigma, isolation and discrimination, which continues to plague people with mental health conditions.

Read our special blog posts about the importance of engaging with the voluntary sector to raise awareness of mental health, and about this year’s theme psychological and mental health first aid for all.

What are you doing to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day?
Let us know about your events and activities today. Share your stories with us.
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