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MHSP & EDP Webinar Series – #11 LawWorks and Digital Services

Delivered by Sanjay Hora, Digital Services Project Officer and and Tracy Bossman, Digital Services Support Officer at LawWorks.

These webinars provide you with a chance to hear from an experienced professional on issues you/your organisation are facing (i.e. how to create a digital marketing campaign; how intellectual property law applies to the VCSE sector; etc) and ask appropriate questions. The topics of these webinars will endeavour to be responsive to the themes drawn out of the forums.

LawWorks discuss the growth of their digital services offer and how the onset pandemic presented the Digital Team with a number of problems in relation to connecting help-seekers with legal problems and no legal aid with pro-bono legal advice. Working with Justice Connect in Australia and utilising UX Design Thinking Theory, they produced digital solutions, with the user at the core of the usability of the solution.