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Returning to face-to-face services

Webinar Date: Wednesday 28 April 2021
Delivered by: Hayley Alton (The Association), Kerry Turner and Scott Joiner (Choice Support) and Victoria Malone (Mental Health Matters)

WEBINAR TOPIC: Returning to face-to-face services

We will be joined by Kerry Turner and Scott Joiner from Choice Support; Choice Support have been delivering their crisis cafe throughout the pandemic and are able to offer some of the considerations they and their service users troubleshooted as the pandemic and guidelines changed course over the last few months. We will also be joined by Victoria Malone from Mental Health Matters; who can speak through the considerations they have put in place for their services as they have begun to reopen.

This webinar will address:

1. Practicalities of returning to face-to-face delivery

2. Suitable Covid risk assessment procedures

3. Solutions for specific environments/beneficiary groups etc.

with a Q&A.

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Please note: The information/answers/advice in the webinar by any members, the Association or other contributors are given in good faith. Resource links will be made available and are best to check nuances of situations and to clarify specific points made.