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Transforming Community Mental Health Services Webinar

Webinar Date: Monday 6 December 2021

Delivered by: Kathy Roberts (Chair), Mark Winstanley (Chair), Mark Trewin, Melanie Brooks, Greg Fell, Isaac Samuels, Liam Gilfellon and Linda Bryant.

This webinar is about the Community Mental Health Transformation Programme, in collaboration with Rethink Mental Illness. During this, we will hear from an expert by experience, VCSE providers of mental health services, and our statutory partners in social care and public health services.

This includes:

  • Community Mental Health transformation: Why this, why now & where?
  • Social Care & Support: Why it matters for Community Mental Health transformation?
  • No Community Mental Health Transformation without Public Health.
  • Living the experience of Community Mental Health Services.
  • Beyond contracts: Why the VCSE must be a key strategic partner in transformation of community mental health services?
  • Beyond a medical model of recovery in mental health: the role of social care & support.