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Webinar with Bridge Support – TILT

Webinar Date: Thursday 25 January 2018
Delivered by: Raymond Sheehy

Our first webinar of 2018 delivered by Raymond Sheehy, Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Support. Bridge offer a range of support service from their Greenwich base, including the Tilt Project.

Tilt is a 24 hour staffed accommodation for people moving into the community from secure psychiatric services. It is a partnership between Bridge Support and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

Bridge’s Tilt service breaks new ground in forensic mental health support. The project has an excellent record in providing support for ex-offenders with mental health problems who show a strong commitment to making progress in their recovery. Bridge support people in re-integrating back into their communities. Tilt work closely with clients and partners, and have achieved a 95% non-reoffending rate. The Tilt project is a modern, spacious residence with colourful, light communal areas, where residents enjoy spending time.

In this webinar, Raymond tells us about the establishment of Tilt, and what has made it a service that never needs to advertise for staff, works in a well organised partnership with an NHS Trust, and delivers outstanding outcomes for people.