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MHSP & EDP Webinar Series – #9 EDI and Identity in Mental Health Provision

Delivered by Barbara Finch and Kathryn Finch of Quartz Counselling, Psychotherapy and Training Ltd.

This webinar will address:

1. How to recognise the dynamics of your identity and that of your beneficiary group

2. How to work on your own relationship to identity so that it does not negatively affect the care you are providing (i.e. not centering yourself)

3. How to navigate missteps and mistakes by focusing on understanding; with an approach that empowers you as mental health practitioners.

Attendees will leave with:

1. A toolkit of techniques to turn down the volume on “politicised” identity and focus on the person in front of you.

2. An equipped knowledge of how to avoid essentialisation (the process whereby you will make mistakes but by keeping your beneficiary and their wellbeing at the forefront of your mind and work is paramount).

3. An understanding of how EDI awareness can be successful when kept at the centre of effective mental health provision.

These webinars provide you with a chance to hear from an experienced professional on issues you/your organisation are facing (i.e. how to create a digital marketing campaign; how intellectual property law applies to the VCSE sector; etc) and ask appropriate questions. The topics of these webinars will endeavour to be responsive to the themes drawn out of the forums.