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Campaign of Love for Social Care

We are hoping to enlist our Members’ help to write a Valentine’s Day letter to your local MP and support the social care sector’s call for fully budgetary and sustainable funding.

Attached to this page is a template letter spelling out how constituents up and down the country are paying the human cost of a deeply neglected and underfunded part of our public services.

Please take the time to;

  1. On page 1 – add your personalisation to this letter with your name, business detail and logo at the top.
  2. Add your local MP information & Contract details can be found by searching on your postcode here:
  3. Then in the key facts section on page 2 – please remove the highlighted section in yellow and add several bullet points that are specific to your organisation. Try to keep this brief and add examples such as: % percentages of staff vacancies or £ budget shortfall you are facing.
  4. Lastly – please sign on the final page.

Once your letter is ready, please email it to your MP/councillor and copy us in at:

We are running this ‘campaign of love’ for the social care sector – so please email on the 14th February 2024. If you are sending by postal service/hard copy please try and send by the 12th February.

We are working in conjunction with our colleagues at the NCA and CAA trade associations, so you will be supporting a large number of independent and charitable care providers across England.

Please lend your support and share with any other local mental health care and support providers you know to help us spread the message.