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MHSP & EDP Webinar Series – #10 Leading in Uncertain Times

Delivered by Anna Russell, CSR at Bupa and Bupa Foundation Director

This webinar will address:

1. The leadership considerations for managing in uncertain times

2. How to adapt your communications to better accommodate the uncertainty

3. How to manage in a hybrid world

Attendees will leave with:

1. A toolkit for leading in uncertain times

2. An understanding of the practical ways to build a positive workplace culture

3. Suggestions for practical communications and engagement

These webinars provide you with a chance to hear from an experienced professional on issues you/your organisation are facing (i.e. how to create a digital marketing campaign; how intellectual property law applies to the VCSE sector; etc) and ask appropriate questions. The topics of these webinars will endeavour to be responsive to the themes drawn out of the forums.