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MHSP & EDP Webinar Series – #8 The Creative Minds approach

Delivered by Phil Walters, Strategic Lead and Arshad Mahmood, Development Coordinator – both employed by Creative Minds – who will be joined by Mohammed Ayub (Yubi), General Manager at Next Generation Youth and Community Project.

We hope this webinar will give you an understanding of the Creative Minds approach to working locally – something of benefit to consider for your own local connection work.

The team at Creative Minds will show you how to move beyond the soft and fluffy to truly improving mental health care!

This webinar will address:

1. Listening to people and co-production

2. Partnerships and matched funding

3. Participatory approaches and social movements

Attendees will leave with:

1. A better idea of the power of asset-based approaches.

2. A better understanding of how to promote greater choice.

3. As well as some key actions to takeaway on meaningful impact and measurement.

These webinars provide you with a chance to hear from an experienced professional on issues you/your organisation are facing (i.e. how to create a digital marketing campaign; how intellectual property law applies to the VCSE sector; etc) and ask appropriate questions. The topics of these webinars will endeavour to be responsive to the themes drawn out of the forums.