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Webinar with Helen Sanderson – Wellbeing Teams

Webinar Date: Wednesday 14 June 2017
Delivered by: Helen Sanderson

Well-being teams focus on outcomes, not hours, and start with a conversation, not an assessment. Co-production is at the heart of the way teams work, and people choose how and when they are supported and choose their own team too. Teams include Community Circle Connectors who work with friends, family, neighbours and volunteer facilitators to build a support circle around each person, and are self managing. Well-being Teams are in development across the country currently, and have developed from the Buurtzorg model in Holland.

In this webinar Helen describes what self-managing teams look like in practice, using the example of Wellbeing Teams, self-managing neighboured teams.

This includes:

  • How the teams work in practice – who does what if there is no manager?
  • How the teams are supported – the role of the coach
  • How to recruit people for self-managed teams
  • What this could mean in mental health services.


Helen Sanderson is CEO of Helen Sanderson Associates, Director Emeritus of the International Community for Person-Centred Practices, and founder of Community Circles. She has been closely involved in the development of person-centred thinking and planning in the UK over the last 15 years, and has written extensively on person-centred thinking, planning, community building, Individual Service Funds, and community circles. Over the last year, Helen has focused her work on the development of a new approach to support for people – Well-being Teams.